when to put down mulch

How to Mulch Your Trees and Shrubs: Put Down Mulching Material ...
Jan 7, 2009 . Ready to start mulching your trees and shrubs? Don't risk harming your plants -- make sure you mulch the right way. Here are helpful do's and .

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Winter Mulching
Winter Mulching. Phillip Peters Adams County Master Gardener. It seems like only a few months ago we were putting down mulch on our gardens and shrubs to .

May Is for Mulching | Gardening | This Old House - 1
If you haven't fertilized recently, apply some low-nitrogen balanced fertilizer to the stripped beds before you put down the mulch. Make sure the mulch doesn't .

How to Spread Mulch - YouTube
May 11, 2010 . Spring is a great time to put down mulch. Dave helps you figure out whether yours needs replacing this spring and, if so, how much to put down.

How to mulch, why to mulch | Loving Nature's Garden
Mar 8, 2011 . You will want to put down at least 3? (8 cm) of mulch. I always put down about 4 ? (10cm) because it does compact some at first.

How To Mulch Around Plants Properly
If you put down a thicker layer than that, you risk reducing oxygen to the roots. If the particle size of your mulch is larger, like straw, pine needles, chunks of bark, .