what is the current deficit

Current Account Deficit Definition and Meaning
A current account deficit occurs when a country has to rely on foreign investors to fund its economic growth. Find out the causes and consequences of a current .

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US Federal Deficit by Year 2007_2017 - Charts Analysis
Charts and analysis of the US Federal Deficit, including current deficit, 20th century deficits, and deficits since the founding. Source: Office of Management and .

Current account - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Action to reduce a substantial current account deficit usually involves increasing exports (goods going .

Current Account to GDP, List by Country
The highest current account deficit as a percentage of GDP among countries tracked by Trading Economics was recorded in Mongolia (-15.2% of GDP), .

Is The Large U.S. Current Account Deficit Sustainable?
The U.S. current account deficit has grown steadily since 1991, hitting record levels of . U.S. current account deficit is sustainable in the near term. In this analy- .

What Is a Current Account Deficit?
A country's current account deficit is equal to the net outflow of goods, services, investment income, and transfers. A country's current account can be in balance, .