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Hayabusa Asteroid Sample Return Mission
Earth Center. Virtual Earth Disk. (km). (km). * Actual strategy may vary. TCM-2( updated). Originally, TCM-2 aimed at the trajectory flying- by at the altitude of 200 .

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Virtual Earth—What's New in the Latest Release
The Virtual Earth (VE) platform combines a JavaScript library, a rich set of . Whether to display measurements in kilometers or miles; Whether to draw the . Hill-Shaded Tiles: The hill-shaded tile set supports viewing elevation in Virtual Earth.

Code Your Apps To Deliver The World With Virtual Earth APIs
This article is based on a prerelease version of Virtual Earth. All information . The map is created with a height of 400px and width of 600px. If you inspect the .

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What I do is redo the Map with Center Point at cursor aligned towards my target and 1 KM altitude. Merge it with Virtual Earth or Yahoo Maps, .

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The ionosphere is a shell of electrons and electrically charged atoms and molecules that surrounds the Earth, stretching from a height of about 50 km to more .

Map of The World - Shaded Relief
Measure the distance, area or elevation of map features, share a map & send . roads and towns from Google); VE - shows Microsoft Virtual Earth's street maps . or piece of land (square feet, meters, yards, hectares, acres, kilometers or miles) .