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The length of the line is given (in this case 30 yards). The label also includes sink rate information. Example line is a Type 2, Fast. INSTALLING FLY LINE ON A .

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There are many different types of fly lines you can purchase and the type you go for will be down to personal preference but it is worth knowing that fly lines are .

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Line Recomendations · Taper Chart · Tech Specs · AST; Choosing a Fly Line; Dry Tip; ast Microballons; ast SA•ID; ast Sharkskin; ast Streamlined Loops; ast .

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Nov 1, 2011 . This is one of the most stressful things a new comer fly angler will discover! Luckily I made . Does this knot apply to specific types of fly lines ?

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Additionally the type of coating used on the line effects line memory. Most all-fly lines have memory and have to be stretched when first used. Line memory is .

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A comprehensive Guide to Understand Fly Fishing Lines. . continue, we obviously need to know what fly line weight is best used for particular types of fishing.