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The Termcap Library - Standout
In some terminals, the presence or absence of any appearance mode is recorded separately for each character position. In these terminals, each graphic .

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Screen - Termcap
If, for instance, the physical terminal does not support underscore mode, screen does not put the `us' and `ue' capabilities into the window's $TERMCAP variable .

termcap - Linux Command - Unix Command
The termcap database is an obsolete facility for describing the capabilities of . Example for: Head line: vt|vt101|DEC VT 101 terminal in 80 character mode:\ Head . of block graphic characters to map alternate character set ae End alternative .

termcap(5) - The UNIX and Linux Forums
Man page for termcap(5) in the man set for freebsd at The UNIX and Linux . rP like insert_padding but when in insert mode acs_chars ac graphics charset pairs .

termcap -- terminal capability database . Terminals are described in termcap by giving a set of capabilities and by describing . GE, str, Graphics mode end .

Elvis 2.1 User Interfaces
If you're in visual command mode or input mode, the text will be pasted into . The termcap interface is the one you'll use most often on non-graphic terminals.