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ksh - HP-UX
These aliases remain tracked so that the next reference redefines the value. Several Hewlett-Packard Company - 4 - HP-UX 11i Version 2: August 2003 ksh(1 ) .

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[Chapter 4] 4.3 Variables
Individual arguments on command line (positional parameters). The Bourne shell allows only nine parameters to be referenced directly ( n = 1-9); the Korn shell .

Enhanced Korn shell (ksh93)
In addition to the default system Korn shell (/usr/bin/ksh), AIX provides an enhanced . of a variable will in turn modify the value of the variable that is referenced.

The rest of the options that can be used with ksh are described under the set subcommand in the . For a list of status values, see the signal(2) reference page .

Unix KornShell Quick Reference - - Free Computer, Programming ...
Unix KornShell Quick Reference, Go to the home, Print this page . /etc/profile - $ HOME/.profile Use this file to : - set & export values of variables - set options .

ksh - Passing a function return value to a variable: ksh, function, return
Mar 5, 2003 . Neither show how to assign a return function value to a variable. . you cannot return variable (by reference) in shell scripting, you just can .