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The Hyksos ruled Egypt during the second intermediate period. . Search. Ancient History · Gods & Goddesses · Latin · Myths & Legends · Share. Free Ancient .

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Myths and Legends: Myths of Babylonia and Assyria by Mackenzie, - listen online , . 14 - Chapter 12: Rise of the Hittites, Mitannians, Kassites, Hyksos, and As .

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These two accounts are the Legend of the White Stag and the Legend of the . myths, that may have some resemblances with the most ancient legends of the . indeed Habiri/'Apiru in origin ? Even the fact that the Hyksos capital in Egypt .

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adj \?hik-?säs, -?s?s\. Definition of HYKSOS. : of or relating to a Semite dynasty that ruled Egypt from about the 18th to the 16th century b.c.. Origin of HYKSOS .

The Hyksos and their Strange God..........................................................................124 . In this volume the myths and legends of ancient Egypt are embraced in a .

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. to the Egyptian records, the Jews of the Exodus were known as Hyksos, and as . between them and the Greek legends of the arrival of Cadmus and Danaus. . However, Greek myths were not compiled until the eighth century BC when .