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3. denoting or deriving from the cultural traditions of a group of people: the ethnic dances of Slovakia. 4. characteristic of another culture: the ethnic look; ethnic .

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People of Iran: Iranian Ethnic Groups
There are a number of other national and ethnic groups living in various parts of Iran. The historical background and anthropological origin of these groups have .

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More than 95% of population of Bosnia and Herzegovina belongs to one of its three . The term constituent refers to the fact that these three ethnic groups are .

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List of ethnic groups by population. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. The following is a list of ethnic groups by population: .

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Ethnic Groups and the Plantation Way of Life Hawaii's People: A Unique blend of many ethnic groups sharing a life, working together.

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By the 14th century, the Malayo-Polynesian ethnic group had dominated and displaced the Negrito population in most areas.