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The Chevy Volt of airplanes, the Volta Volare GT4, is ready to fly ...
May 1, 2012 . The plane is made of carbon fiber with a carbon fiber pusher prop (in back) and a canard design, meaning the big wing is in back, the short wing in front. . due to the dual lifting surface design (as opposed to a lift/push down .

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Eurocopter hybrid patent: A preview of X3 or X4? - As The Croft Flies
Mar 24, 2010. features a canard stabilizer and swept wings with dual pusher props for . By placing the canard stablizer at the front of the aircraft, ahead of .

. with dual redundant lockingsystems for the wing and canard systems, automatic weights . Q: Why did you go to so much troubleto hide the wings, canard, and prop? . sports cars use this configuration for optimal front/ rearweight distribution. . with the help of the swept wings, rear verticalstabilizers and a pusher prop.

J I M W I C h - JUNE 2001 Archive
Jun 21, 2001 . The Berkut is the Ferrari of canard pushers, 2-seater dual canopy: . Charles Bracken's awesome Berkut 540 - front view; sitting sweet; engine; .

EAA AirVenture 2010 : CompositesWorld
Aug 31, 2010. minus it's canard front wing) is Cobalt Aircraft Industries' (Toussus-le-Noble, . interior, a carbon-composite airframe and pusher-prop propulsion. . select a U.S. manufacturing site to support dual U.S./France production.

See "Canard Pusher“ number 6 for a complete description of the . Mods and Goodies: Don't ask about dual controls, inertial . prop, designed for 200-mph cruise, the thrust loads on the . aft to Spar B than outboard along the front .!'eo" e of .