bjs chardonnay shrimp pasta nutritional facts

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse - Carlsbad - Carlsbad, CA
181 Reviews of BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse "If you're looking for a late . and Chardonnay Shrimp Pasta (Plump shrimp, sautéed with garlic, basil, onions, . One of the gals noticed the nutritional guide. . I always feel there are enough reviews of them and I feel I can add more value reviewing the small businesses.

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BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse - Natomas - Sacramento, CA
225 Reviews of BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse "In response to an e mail to the company . It was an awesome dish with great nutritional value because it was always . the chardonnay pasta with shrimp. considering our large party (i think 25?) .

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse - Westwood - Los Angeles, CA
237 Reviews of BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse "I've always had good service and . to visit BJ's one last time, but it really looks like this location doesn't value their . I got sick from this restaurant, I had ordered the Chardonnay Shrimp Pasta, .

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse - Huntington Beach, CA
Chardonnay Shrimp pasta- plump, juicy shrimp with a creamy tomato sauce on . the nutrional value of the meals here, you should check out the facts about the .

Trader Joe's - Raleigh, NC
Note the lack of foodstuffs with any nutritional value . I'm okay with the red ones , but am not crazy about the chardonnays. . I hate you more than I hate BJ's. . We also found organic pasta for 99 cents a package and 8oz dried . crisp dough filled with a curry/ un-fishy fish/ shrimp mixture and topped with sesame seeds.