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USDA graders evaluate and then rate, or rank, beef carcasses for quality (quality . the packing industry tend to use the term “no-roll” referring to these outlier .

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P2522 Beef Grades and Carcass Information
Yield Grades and Quality Grades to beef carcasses . 2005 National Beef Quality Audit suggest- ed that more than . “No Roll” category refers to all carcasses .

USDA Grading - Welcome to DJ's Fine Meats
Beef that has not been graded is known as "No Roll" because the rolling grading stamp . In terms of quality, the USDA grades meat according to the following: .

Beef Quality and Yield Grading
Jan 1, 2005 . yield grade or both a quality and yield grade (Burson,. 2004). . They generally are termed “No Roll” beef by the industry, because a grade .

Foodservice Forums - No Roll Tenderloin
The quality of beef these days really sucks IMO, the beef that is able to make . You may be able to get away with a no-roll or utility grade loin in .

What is No-Roll Beef?
Mar 23, 2012 . No-roll beef is any beef that has not been graded by the US . You may have noticed that many types of beef are sold by grade: select, choice or prime. Of these, select is considered of the least quality with less fat marbling.