am i attracted to children test

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I keep testing to see if I'm aroused by sexual thoughts of kids and I can feel a tingling feeling. I do know that I don't find kids sexually attractive .

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I know I am fortunate I can walk away but he filled my life. On the . A natural selection process occurs only much later, as the relationship develops and is put to the test. . Even the most basic relationships ? with husband, children, or parents .

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I never understood how people could be sexually attracted to kids. . I then started testing my arousal and comparing it. When I try to think about . I feel as if I should know for a fact if I'm attracted or aroused or not and I don't.

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I just discovered, a few weeks ago, that I'm a Crystal Child. . light, feelings, voices, anything; why I'm so attracted to precious stones, and water; .

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May 15, 2007 . In general, what stereotype of boy are you attracted to? . They're a good couple, I'm surprised he asked her out though he's not with girls much .

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As a child, he'd scored 138 on the Stanford-Binet IQ test, placing in the 99th . for granted (“I'm a heterosexual/homosexual,” “I'm attracted to children/adults,” .